Monday, February 14, 2011

You're making me blush!

A new trend has hit hard in the wedding world: skin, blush, champagne,  & pink tones. I'm not a big "trend" person, I like to do my own thing.... but despite its popularity, this trend has won me over. Nothing says "romantic vintage" better than these colors! Here are some good ideas to help get those creative juices flowing:

for the BRIDE: go for a femenine, vintage, romantic look with a wedding dress that isn't white! I know the concept is a little foreign, but the Olive bride like to branch out and try new things... so why not? Go for something vintage and flirty like the short dress on the right, or maybe something a little more subtle and romantic like the cream dress on the left. 

For the BRIDESMAIDS: These beautiful attending ladies have been known to wear pink for decades... so why stop now? Forget the cotton candy, bubble gum pink and let your girls wear a little more sophisticated color like champagne or blush rose

For the FLOWERS: light, simple colors are always safe, easy, and beautiful for flowers. This look will never get old, they will make your pictures look fresh and airy:

For EVERYTHING ELSE: flower girl, shoes, and everything inbetween will look gorgeous in a light shade of cream or pink:

How can you NOT love this trend?? It's so great, it's been seen in celebrity weddings, such as Ellen & Portia and Gwen Stephani:

Olive is ready to make your wedding blush, just come by to see all of the pink possibilities!


Natalady said...

Hello, do you know where I can get those bridesmaid dresses in the first picture by Alisha Clark Photography? They are exactly what I'm looking for.. so flattering :)

Courtney Roxanne said...

I also would like to know where those first blush bridesmaid dresses can be found? They are perfect!