Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Day Hooray and May Day

Olive was blessed to be a part of two great wedding shows lately, Wedding Day Hooray with Indie Craft Experience and May Day at Serenbe.

Wedding Day Hooray was so much fun! Olive enjoyed a great day with other crafty wedding designers from around the area, here's our adorable set-up:

May Day was another beautiful day at Serenbe, full of family fun, Olive style, and iced tea... what more could a southern girl want? Here's a cute Olive customer excited about her purchase:

Both shows went very well and we enjoyed working with everyone who participated. Thanks to all who joined in on the fun and keep reading Olive's blog to find out when we will be a part of more events in your area!!

Up next: Another Midtown Pop Up event! Thursday, May 19- Sunday, May 22 at 999 Peachtree St. We will be out there with  Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Lisa Jill Jewelry, Pieces of Me, and Kristi Hyde Jewelry Design COME JOIN US!

Friday, May 13, 2011

How to get the organic look

Being green is a lifestyle:

lifestyle (LĪPH•stīl): the way in which one presents him or herself through actions, words, and appearance

so in other words, the style in which you live your life. Everyone has a lifestyle, and it's yours to control. How amazing is that? You can't control many things about your life, but you can control this! So for all of you people who are looking for ways to appear more "green", here are a few tips:

1. wear cool handmade accessories

2. wear clothes that represent wildlife or nature

3. wear swanky jewelry

4. decorate your home with whimsical decorations

5. wear things that are crocheted 

There are tons of other ways to appear green. So just look outside, find something that inspires you, and let your creativity sprout! Also, make an appointment with Olive and discover how chic green can be. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

how to be Blissfully & Royally Wed

I trust all of you made the sacrifice of waking up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the Royal Wedding live on television this Friday... or maybe if you're like me, you just didn't sleep at all! I'm a sucker for royalty and rags-to-riches stories. The marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William is comprised of everything a little girl dreams of: meeting a handsome prince who sweeps you off of your feet, proposes to you with his mother's famous engagement ring, and rides off with you in a horse-drawn carriage. ahhhhhhh...... Prince Harry, I'M STILL SINGLE!!

So for all of you who have found your handsome prince, or, like me, are still praying for him to come along, here are the top 10 ways to make your wedding royal:

10. Arrive in style:
Kate arrived to the wedding in on of the Royal Rolls Royce made almost entirely of glass! 

Get the look!

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9. Make the walk down the aisle even more exciting with special details:
A red carpet extended all the way from the door of the abbey to the alter, about the length of a football field!

Get the look!

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8. Make your mother feel beautiful on your special day. Her little princess is becoming a woman!:
The mother-of-the-Bride, Carole Middleton, wore a lovely baby-blue dress by Catherine Walker.

Get the look!

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7. Decorate with unpredictable detail:
Kate and William got married in the beautiful Westminster Abbey and had a traditional Catholic Ceremony. There were 1,900 guests and the historical church was decorated with beautiful 25-foot trees.

Get the look!

*go to your local nursery to find out how to decorate with trees!*

6. Just because the bridesmaids and flower girls are breathtaking doesn't mean they will take your spotlight, they will enhance it!
Kate's sister, Pippa, was the maid-of-honor and wore a beautiful ivory gown also designed my Sarah Burton. She walked down the isle with sweet flower girls who all wore halos of flowers in their hair.

Get the look!

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5. Understated flowers only accentuates the beauty of the woman holding them:
Kate's bouquet was comprised of lilly-of-the-valley, sweet William (how appropriate), hyacinth, ivy, and myrtle.

Get the look!

4. Look like yourself! Don't wear more makeup or wear your hair bigger than usual. The most beautiful brides are the ones who appear effortless:
My biggest surprise of the wedding: Kate did her own makeup! She looked so beautiful and very much herself with her natural makeup and flowing hair. 

Get the look!

3. Like makeup, your jewelry shouldn't be overwhelming. If your earrings, necklace, etc. is the only thing you see in the mirror, take it off. Your smile is always more important than diamonds or pearls:
The Queen allowed Kate to wear the Carteir "halo" tiera which was presented to Elizabeth by her father on her 18th birthday. Kate also wore diamond-drop earrings by Robinson Pelham, given to her by her parents. The earrings were inspired by the Middleton's new family crest.

Get the look!

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2. When looking for a dress, make sure it accentuates your best assets. Less is more; showing skin isn't the only way to be sexy, and a lot of embellishment takes the eye off of the bride. Keep it sweet and simple:
What does everyone look forward to most at a royal wedding? The dress, of course! Kate wore a beautiful dress made by Sarah Burton, the new head designer for Alexander McQueen. It has a sweetheart neckline corseted bodice with a v-neck, long sleeve lace overlay and satin bell skirt. It has a striking resemblance to Grace Kelly's wedding dress, my personal favorite.

Get the look!

*to look royal on your wedding day, make an appointment with Olive to find a dress fit for a queen!*

1. Above all, remember that the amount of money spent on your wedding doesn't make it royal; you're only a princess if you feel like one. So find a dress that makes you feel beautiful, look into your prince's eyes, and know that you have finally found your fairytale happy ending. You are riding off into the sunset with HIM, not the photographer, not the cake, and not your bouquet. A wedding can be royal, but marriage is worth nothing without a man who treats you like a queen.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.