Monday, April 1, 2013

April Showers

If you just recently got engaged, I am sure you are oooing and awing over all the gorgeous Spring bridal showers. The romantic blush tones and vintage touches are a classic shower inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite things to incorporate into your bridal showers and luncheons. Don't forget lingerie and bachelorette parties, too! Not only are you getting to marry your soul-mate but your loved ones will shower you will tons of gifts. Cherish these moments!

There are many different times your MOH can throw your showers. What about a high-tea luncheon, a brunch with mimosas, late afternoon with wine and heavy hor d'ouves or a sit dinner at a swanky chic restaurant, martinis included? What is your style? Which will make your guests most comfortable?

April showers bring May flowers, gorgeous photography and a beautiful feminine color scheme. Embellish your party with pearls, pastels and peonies!

Let's start with you, bride! What are you going to be modeling? A vintage white a-line with tulle and lace? A chic fascinator? Both of these and many more possibilities can be creatively accomplished with Olive Style. Design a style perfect for YOU! Pick your top and your bottom. Add lace on the bodice for an ultra feminine touch. Why not add some girly fun with tulle at the bottom of your skirt?

Why just stop at the dress? Complete your look with headpieces similar to these with Olive Style. Give us a call and let us know how we can make your dream dress and style a reality.
Now that we have you looking like the ultimate vintage doll, lets set the stage with your invitations:

Create a vintage tablescape with ornate china and garden roses. Add a burlap or lace table runner to complete the look.

If you are thinking it might be easier to catch all of your guests for a Saturday brunch; this is by far the cutest idea we have ever seen! Just look at that donut cake! Precious.

You cannot forget the sweets! Bright cakes and cake pops are always a favorite.

Remember to join us for the Vinewood Open House
event on April 14th from 2-5PM!

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Monday, March 25, 2013


Who doesn't like saving money and saving the world at the same time?

We have the perfect opportunity for you, brides and grooms:

Olive Style is going to be at the Vinewood Open House this April 14th from 2-5 in Newnan, Georgia. Olive Style will feature an eco-friendly collection utilizing recycled fabrics for new fashions. Add lace, tulle or sparkle and you have the perfect vintage, eco-designed wedding.

Photo courtesy of Alucinarte Films.

Since emerald is the official Pantone Color of the Year and saving some 'green' never goes out of style -- venture to use mints, seafoams, olives, and limes as your wedding colors, also.

Here are a few of our favorite looks and ideas for any season wedding:

Wedding Rings
-- Conflict-free diamonds, sapphires and golds are starting a trend and saving lives across the world. These jewels and golds are not a cause of death or considered a "blood diamond." Conflict-free diamonds are just as beautiful as mined diamonds but are half the trouble. True conflict-free jeweler companies promise their diamonds have been mined ethically and with respect for the people and the environment. Check out Brilliant Earth for more information and their gorgeous selection. Natalie Portman's conflict-free diamond featured to the right.

-- Recycled pressed papers have a beautiful vintage feel for your guests to receive in the mail. Give them an idea of how your wedding is going to play out. This saves trees and looks awesome, too!

Dresses -- Old yet new ... Recycled fabrics to create your custom bridesmaids dresses with Olive Style. Eco-friendly, recycled fabrics (don't worry, they are clean!) to create an environmentally vintage look! Olive Style is perfect for your ladies. Mix and match different styles to create a truly personalized wedding. Choose from numerous silhouettes resembling the 1950's and 1960's. Chic, vintage, ultra-feminine styles perfect for all body types.

Favors -- Plants, succulents, flower seeds or bird seeds are a unique and creative idea for a wedding favor. Help bring love into the world with one of these ideas. But you can't go wrong with sweet treats!

Getaway Car -- Or... bikes! Why not have your getaway be on a precious vintage bike? No gas, no fumes and adorable pictures!

Don't forget to come visit us and get some eco-fabulous, gorgeous looks for your upcoming wedding at the Vinewood Open House Event! This April 14, 2013 from 2-5PM in Newnan, Georgia. You will meet the best wedding professionals around south Atlanta. Get your tickets online and tell them Olive sent you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Vintage, Romantic, Chic

Vintage weddings are all the rage right now and for a great reason. They accent nature in the most beautiful way – including gorgeous jewel tones to muted pastels. Add a few horses in the distance, have an outdoor ceremony and reception, wear a beautiful lace wedding gown and throw on custom silk bridesmaids dresses by Olive Style.
Incorporating vintage touches into your wedding is not a stressful process either – with these six simple ideas your dreams will come true!
1. Less will always be more when it comes to a vintage wedding. There is no need to have an aisle runner when you are getting married outside  – if you do want one, opt for flower petals!
2. Natural everything  – Utilize jute and burlap to create table runners, wrap your bouquets and boutonnieres, create chair signs and hang wreaths for the front doors of the church.
3. Southern charm  – Monograms on any and everything is the way to go! Put them on the cake, embroider them on the Olive Style sashes on each bridesmaids dress, add them to your veil and of course, over-sized men's button-ups for each bridesmaid to get ready in the morning of!
4. Flowers flowers everywhere  – Your bouquet doesn't necessarily have to be tamed! Use wildflowers, garden roses and dusty miller.
5. Seating for all  – From wooden church pews to mix-n-match dining chairs in a field scream vintage ceremony and reception. Create romantic, plush lounge areas for your guest with over-sized velvet sofas and chairs ... the vintage part  – it's all outdoors!
6. If we are mix-n-matchin' the chairs, why not the maids? Olive Style provides the bride and her ladies with countless options for a classy, vintage, chic custom bridesmaid dress that is 100% re-wearable! Choose from the different silhouettes and create your own style. Numerous vintage fabrics from silk to patterns are available to add character to your wedding. Matchy matchy is out! The ultimate vintage look includes Olive Style fashions.
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(Images collaged using PicMonkey and found on Pinterest; Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Elizabeth Ann Designs, Martha Stewart, Ruffled Blog, Bourbon and Bloom.)