Monday, January 31, 2011

going green!

Hey there Olive fashionistas! Here at Olive, we have decided to start promoting green wedding practices. To start off, I have come up with a couple great ideas to help you go green and still create your dream wedding.

Let your bridesmaids pick out their own style/color bridesmaid dresses. This creates a really different organic look and also saves money. This also spares your bridesmaids from buying a dress that they might only wear once. For more ideas, visit Olive's website. We are a custom company that caters to any style out there! ::

For a cool wedding trend, use wild flowers for arrangements and bouquets. And for a chic table setting, use old mason jars! This idea can save you a ton of money and looks beautiful. ::

Use haystacks for tables or seating at an outdoor wedding ::

Vintage lace from your grandmother's or mother's wedding dress/veil is a great way to take a simple look to an elegant place. Olive can incorporate anything special such as heirloom lace into a dress ::

Happy wedding planning from Olive!