Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hey there! The theme for this week's post is to "reduce". What does it mean to reduce? Well, according to, the definition to reduce means "to lower in degree, intensity, etc.". I know what you are thinking, "there is no way I am going to decrease my wedding!" All brides hope that their wedding will be the one that no one will forget, the one that people look to when they are planning their own weddings. But trust me, letting back a little bit in certain areas can be a very good thing! Here are a couple ideas that will help you reduce the amount of money and time spent and even the waste created from your wedding day:

Use chalk boards for everything! From directing guests where to go, to cute props for engagement pictures or for guest-book pictures, Chalkboards are a great way to reduce the amount of waste made by signs, nametags, or props that might be thrown away later. After the wedding, hang the chalkboard in your new kitchen!

Have an outdoor wedding. If the weather is good, it is a great way to save money on a church or venue. My personal dream is to get married in the front yard of my grandmother's southern Georgia home. 

Make your own cake. Unless you are a complete failure at baking, this can be a great place to reduce the wedding budget. I have added a few examples so you can see that a homemade cake can look casual, crafty, or just darn cute! (plus, homemade icing always tastes better)

Pick your own flowers and make your flower arrangements. I think all brides can agree that hiring a good florist can be one of the most expensive parts of planning a wedding. If you live near a rural area, go on a flower hunt with your bridesmaids! Search for pretty wild lavender, queen anne's lace, and daisies; pick some hydrangeas from your neighbor's front yard (with permission, of course), and pull some green leaves off of that vine in the church parking lot. Even wheat and cotton are beautiful additions to organic-looking arrangements.

Set a day or two apart for crafty fun with the girls. Make cool place cards, banners, trim for the porch or tables, the "just married" sign to go on the back of your awesome vintage car, etc. Doing this will not only reduce the amount of money you could spend on getting all of these little details made, but it can also reduce the amount of non-recyclable materials that will just be thrown away later. BE CREATIVE! 
*And make sure to use recyclable materials*

I hope these fun ideas help you to reduce the useless waste and money that can be spent on your wedding and magnify its beauty with simple, organic, and original details that your friends will never forget, guaranteed.

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