Wednesday, March 30, 2011

why didn't I think of that??

From the dress down to to the cake, weddings take a lot of mind-power to plan. I'm here to take some of that stress off your pretty little bride shoulders and give you some awesome ideas that will leave guests thinking "why didn't I think of that?!"

taking the outdoor wedding to the next level:

 Chandelier in the tree                         dancing in a field
horses, hey-bales and quilts
diamonds and pearls aren't the bride's only accessories anymore:

crochet wedding moccasins 
 peacock feather to the hair
 family heirloom
flowers that will never die
setting the table is fun again!:

the candy vase
 sugar-coated fruit: nature's delight
i spy with my little eye...
 nature meets creativity: blooming twigs
 tweet tweet
flowers in a cage
truly a joyful and colorful occassion
there's no way that cake can taste as good as it looks:

 paint my roses red
why do i love thee? cause you're a hoot!
 linked for life
 take a seat
tweet tweet
 maybe i went a little crazy with the birds...

inspiring ways to set off as a newly married couple:

 just around the river bend
for the couple who is always looking for a good time

I hope these original ideas help to get those creative juices flowing. I hope you feel special on your special day =)

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Kat - cardinalhouse said...

These are great pictures- I wish that you linked up to them too, or gave the source!
That red roses cake is an absolute trip!