Friday, May 13, 2011

How to get the organic look

Being green is a lifestyle:

lifestyle (LĪPH•stīl): the way in which one presents him or herself through actions, words, and appearance

so in other words, the style in which you live your life. Everyone has a lifestyle, and it's yours to control. How amazing is that? You can't control many things about your life, but you can control this! So for all of you people who are looking for ways to appear more "green", here are a few tips:

1. wear cool handmade accessories

2. wear clothes that represent wildlife or nature

3. wear swanky jewelry

4. decorate your home with whimsical decorations

5. wear things that are crocheted 

There are tons of other ways to appear green. So just look outside, find something that inspires you, and let your creativity sprout! Also, make an appointment with Olive and discover how chic green can be. 

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