Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wed Green

I hope you had a great Easter and Earth Day! Olive celebrated both and had a blast doing so!

In honor of Easter and Earth Day, I'm dedicating this post to fuzing these two different holidays into a wedding trend.... here goes!

Easter is all about Spring. Spring is all about enjoying the Earth in all its splendor. So Easter and Earth Day have a natural connection, right? Well in the world of OLIVE, they do. Here are three easy tips to create a beautiful Easter/Earth Day wedding:

1. Give your guests the gift of GREEN by giving them each a tree seedling, flower bulbs, or seeds of any kind for them to plant and grow on their own. As they watch their colorful plant grow, they will be reminded of the beauty and growth of your marriage.

2. Decorate with eggs! Another one of those great ideas you should have thought of yourself, right? Not only are eggs so "in" right now, but they are also inexpensive, do-it-yourself friendly, and earth friendly! Here are a couple ways to use eggs in your decorations:
create a candle in the half-shell

hang from a tree

use for your centerpieces with chic nests

I KNOW! it's the most EGGcelent idea!

3. Use recycled/recyclable table settings. Find bamboo dinnerware and tons of other green products at greenfeet.com
I hope these green Easter tips help you plan your beautiful, pastel, and green wedding of your dreams! All love and best wishes from Olive this Spring! If you are planning your wedding or just planning ahead, make sure to make an appointment with Olive or Paisley Umbrella so all of your wedding dreams come true. You supply the groom, we'll supply everything else. 

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